Send a Transaction

Before following this guide to send a transaction you need to have deployed a smart contract. This guide will allow you to change the value stored in the smart contract deployed previously. Also you will get this new value making a call to your node.

Clone Repository

If you have not cloned this repository yet, please clone this repository now. It contains all the code necessary to deploy a contract and send a transaction.

					$ git clone

Now download all the necessary dependencies

					$ cd samples/local
$ yarn install #(If you haven’t done it yet)


Send a Transaction

To send a transaction, please execute this script:

					$ node sendTransaction.js --contractAddress=0x4ca1ec8E10E4bD9797882706C644A8e48314731B --value=30

Where contractAddress is the address of your smart contract previously deployed and value is a new value to store.

You will see your transaction sent and a new value stored into the smart contract like this:

					Storage: 0x4ca1ec8E10E4bD9797882706C644A8e48314731B
Tx hash: 0x936b7a20ce1da316ed31160751fb31f5fb7eec60ca968b16f845089edf5a44ee
contract owner: 0x1306E8B4CD9593c49E2A021DAF7d513d7E634405
New value set: 30


That’s it. You have deployed a node and a smart contract, and sent a transaction to change the value of an integer number, which you have also read making a call to your local node.


Change GAS Limit

If you want to play with different GAS Limits for your node, emulating what you will find in the LACChain ProTestnets and Mainnets. For that, follow this guide.


Next Steps

Now that you have finish this tutorial, you are ready to join the LACChain ProTestnets and Mainnet. Learn more about Our Networks and Deploy a Node!

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