Our Networks


LACChain Networks are blockchain networks developed by the LACChain Alliance and orchestrated by LACNet. These networks are classified as permissioned public blockchain networks, as defined in the standard ISO TC307 WG5 TS23635 and have been designed with a special focus on Latin America and the CaribbeanAs public blockchain networks, LACChain Networks are open to any entity in the world. As permissioned networks, all node operators except observer nodes must be authenticated and commit to comply with regulation in order to be permissioned and send transactions or participate in the consensus protocol

LACChain Networks have no transaction fees which enables the scalablity of the applications. There are two types of LACChain Networks orchestrated by LACNet, the ProTestnets and the Mainnets. ProTestnets distribute the resources required to broadcast transactions equally among all the writer nodes and its use is totally free. Mainnets have a membership-based model to cover the costs of LACNet’s support team. Higher-tier memberships include more tx per second and a faster response to support tickets. At present, LACChain Networks are:

  • Mainnet Omega
  • Open Protestnet
  • Legacy Protestnet (DEPRECATED)


All LACChain Networks comply with the LACChain Framework for Permissioned Public Blockchain Networks developed by the LACChain Alliance. The LACChain Blockchain Framework is a set of recommendations to build neutral, secure, multipurpose, multiprotocol, regulatory compliant, and quantum-resistant blockchain networks The document presents and discusses the concepts of operation, orchestration, and governance. It also addresses topology, routing and connections, block generation, publicness, permissioning, resource distribution, node signatures, quantum-resistance, scalability, monitoring and evaluation, decentralized storage, and private channels. It also tackles regulatory matters. 

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