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LACNet offers you the possibility to deploy blockchain nodes on the LACNet Mainnet Omega network, built using Hypderledger Besu technology (based on Ethereum). The LACNet Mainnet enables the development of your blockchain solutions and projects in a simple, sustainable, and scalable way.

The LACNet Mainnet Omega network is the evolution of the LACChain’s Pro-Testnet network, used by more than 80 entities and 50 projects as their trusted blockchain infrastructure.

You can choose between three different membership packages to deploy writer nodes that can send transactions to the Mainnet. You can get the one that best suits your throughput and technical support needs. Additionally, you can also use the Pro-Testnet if you are in a temporary testing phase.


Annual Memberships

To deploy a writer node on the LACNet Mainnet Omega blockchain network built with Hyperledger Besu technology.


$ 190
/ month*
  • 1 Node
  • 5.000 Tx Limit / Month
  • 500.000 Gas / Block
  • 2 Gas Windows / Year
  • Basic Support


$ 390
/ month*
  • 1 Node
  • 10.000 Tx Limit / Month
  • 2.000.000 Gas / Block
  • 6 Gas Windows / Year
  • Basic Support


$ 790
/ month*
  • 1 Node
  • 30.000 Tx Limit / Month
  • 5.000.000 Gas / Block
  • 8 Gas Windows / Year
  • Basic Support


  • 2 Nodes
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • 10.000.000 Gas / Block
  • 12 Gas Windows / Year
  • Premium Support

* Billed Annually

If you are interested, we invite you to test our network by deploying for free on the Open Protestnet network, a network designed for a testing environment.

Enjoy an infrastructure that will allow you scale yourtransaction throughput and rely on the support team to provide you the assistance you need to use a blockchain network with guarantees.

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