Frequently asked questions​

There are minimum hardware requirements for CPU, RAM, disk, and operating system to deploy a node. You can follow the node deployment manual, which details all the steps to deploy your node on the network. Nodes can be deployed in any environment, both in the cloud and on-premise. Each entity can decide where it is best or most interesting for them.

LACNet orchestrates in a neutral and sustainable manner the networks developed under the LACChain framework. Currently, LACNet orchestrates two networks, the Pro-Testnet and the Mainnet. The Pro-Testnet is a free environment where tests are available for new entities and subscribes only to some terms and conditions. The Mainnet can be accessed through a membership-based agreement (SLA), and provides you a productive environment with individualized support linked.

Your node is one more component of your digital infrastructure. Therefore, you must provide it with the same type of protection, including firewall security layers, activity monitoring, and backup.

LACNet networks are multipurpose, so you can deploy any solution or project as long as it respects the provisions of the Affiliation Agreement.

First, check the issues already resolved to see if they solve your issue has already been addressed. Otherwise, if you are operating in the Pro-Testnet environment, you must raise an issue on Github. On the other hand, if you are in the Mainnet environment you can use the client portal for individual support.

LACNet is limited to offering blockchain infrastructure orchestration services. However, LACChain has a set of partners and a large community of entities that support the development of solutions and projects.

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