Development - Firefly

Firefly is a complete stack, which provide tools to manage transactions, deploy smart contracts and APIs, and scale secure web3 applications. See the reference documentation here. We have adapted Firefly tools to be deployed on the LACChain Networks orchestrated by LACNet. Before deploying Firefly you need to have already a writer node deployed. You can deploy a writer node using Ansible, using Dockers, and using Kubernetes.

Deploying a Firefly Stack on LACChain

Firefly stack will be executed on docker container using docker-compose. Stack will be executed on another machine, which is different from where your LACChain node is running.


Minimum System Requirements

Recommended hardware features for Besu node:

Recommended Hardware
2 vCPUs
RAM Memory 8 GB
Hard Disk 150 GB SSD


Clone Repository

To configure and deploy Firefly, you must clone this git repository on your machine.

					$ git clone
$ cd besu-networks/firefly

Install Docker and Docker compose

Docker and Docker-compose installed on machine. Following the instructions to install docker and docker-compose depending on your operating system.

Install node and yarn

For this part you will need to have nodejs installed. Check whether node is installed on your local computer by running the following command:

					$ node --version

If the command does not return a version number, download and install node by following the instructions for the operating system you use on the Node.js website. Node version should be at least v14. Check whether yarn is installed on your local computer by running the following command:

					$ yarn --version

If the command does not return a version number, download and install yarn by running the following command: 

					$ npm install -g yarn

Deploy Firefly

Preparing installation

Now download all the necessary dependencies

					$ cd besu-networks/firefly
$ yarn install

Now, we are going to generate a private key and a keyFile to send transactions to the LACChain network. To deploy firefly on the Mainnet Omega network, run:

					$ node prepareDocker.js --nodeIp=<YOUR_NODE_IP> --network=mainnet --nodeAddress=<YOUR_NODE_ADDRESS>

To deploy firefly on Pro-Testnet network run:

					It is not available on pro-testnet

To deploy firefly on David19 network run:

					$ node prepareDocker.js --nodeIp=<YOUR_NODE_IP> --network=david19 --nodeAddress=<YOUR_NODE_ADDRESS>


  • YOUR_NODE_IP: IP of your node deployed
  • YOUR_NODE_ADDRESS: node address located on /lacchain/data/nodeAddress file

Set your organization and node name in firefly.core file:

					$ cd besu-networks/firefly/firefly_core
$ nano firefly.core

Edit firefly.core

  name: <YOUR_NODE_NAME>

Finally, run the containers.

					$ docker-compose up -d

Wait for firefly to finish syncing the entire chain to pass next step.

To verify the stack is almost synchronized, you are able to see logs:

					$ docker logs -f ethconnect
					ethconnect      | [2022-06-16T22:38:26.623Z] DEBUG es-65686ba2-29f3-4cd2-4e98-779562a892b5: New checkpoint HWM: 571750
ethconnect      | [2022-06-16T22:38:27.769Z] DEBUG sb-8f580449-6288-4ae5-7724-cd84d40f7e14:BatchPin(address,uint256,string,bytes32,bytes32,string,bytes32[]): new filter. Head=571905 Position=571750 Gap=155 (catchup threshold: 250)

New checkpoint HWM: 571750 refers the block 571,750 was synchronized

Register your Identity

Execute the following command to register your node identity on smart contract:

					curl -X POST -H 'content-type:application/json' --data '{}' http://localhost:5000/api/v1/network/organizations/self\?confirm\=true

It could take a few minutes to register your identity. Result of this command should be similar like this:


Init Token events

Execute the following command to init token events:

					curl -X POST -H 'content-type:application/json' http://localhost:5108/api/v1/init

It is done! Now you can access using these urls:

  • http://localhost:5000/ui —> Firefly monitor (to monitor your stack and transactions) 
  • http://localhost:5109/home —> Firefly sandbox (to deploy tokens and custom smart contracts)

Additional Configurations

If you want you can change the configuration values ​​of each component, they are located in the following files:

  • Ethconnect : /firefly/ethconnect_config/config.yaml
  • Firefly : /firefly/firefly_core/firefly.core

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