Find here our Welcome Kit that will help you generate the complete Onboarding to our LACNet experience. 

The LACNet team welcomes you. First of all, we want to thank you for your confidence and congratulate you for being part of the smart internet for inclusion (III).

Here you will find the necessary information to know the details of your membership, the service that LACNet offers you, the service guarantee, the contact methods, and general information to deploy your node.

Today, you are already part of LACNet, the neutral and non-profit international association that enables the first blockchain network in the global public-permissive, production, and business grade.

We are proud to make available a unique network by being simultaneously open, governed, regulatory, ecological, and inclusive.

Therefore, we want to give you the best possible experience. We are committed to giving our best effort to help you grow your project through the use of our “digital highway” to deploy blockchain-based solutions with the potential to reach millions of people.

We are convinced that with your support, we will continue to drive the development of an inclusive, efficient, and safe blockchain ecosystem.

Thank you, and we are ready to move forward.

1) Announce your alliance and make a community!

In order to give you a warm welcome, generate community and publicize your enthusiasm to be part of LACNet, we invite you to download our SOCIAL MEDIA KIT welcome, which we would love to be shared on your social networks, By labeling and supporting the growth of more entities and impact projects in the region.


2) What does your membership include?

We have prepared for you an induction of the services that includes and how to make use of them: 

1) Right to display the number of nodes contracted in your Assignment Agreement.

  • Once you receive your credentials to use the osTicket platform, you can request through a ticket the permission of your e-node

2) Access the Service Platform, osTicket to create your support requests.

  • The opening hours for requests created on the osTicket Service Platform will be from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Uruguay time UYT 
  • In case of reporting a case that requires Premium Support immediately, between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Uruguay time, you can call +598 2603-1111 

 3) Real-time monitoring tools

 4) Resources 

3) First Steps

Add the[email protected] address in the secure sender list, the support team will contact you through that email address, so it is very important that it gets to your mailbox correctly.   

Once the credentials are created on the platform, you will receive two emails.  

  1. Welcome to osTicket

Informing that the account to use the Service Desk platform has been created.  

  1. Os Ticket Staff Password Reset 

Requesting the configuration of a new password for your user.  

To allow your node, you only need to create a support request on the service platform and indicate the enode.  

4) Our service guarantee

We want to make you feel our support, so we want to reaffirm our commitment so that your project develops in the most fluid, natural and with the potential it deserves. If at any time we are not complying with it, do not hesitate to contact us online direct to the email:  [email protected] where we will take care of supporting you to find the best decision.  

5) Support LACNet

You can use our ticket system to request support for your LACNet node.  

  • For them you will need to enter the customer portal and log in.  Enter the unique credentials provided by the computer which consists of a username and password.  
  • Then click on «new ticket» and complete the required information being as clear and specific as possible to be able to support you in a better way. don’t forget to categorize your ticket and give it a priority.  
  • When you’re ready, click «send».  
  • You will receive a notification that your ticket has been received, every ticket will be answered within 24 working hours.   
  • Do not forget when closing a ticket to issue your evaluation, this will help us to improve our services.  

6) Directory of contacts

Users authorized by the entity can make their requests for technical support related to technical problems of interaction between node and network, in the support system www.helpdesk.lac-net.net to report network incidents.  

General Contact Information:  

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