Blockchain networks must not be used to store sensitive data because they are immutable, especially if they are public as it is the case of LACChain Networks orchestrated by LACNet. Blockchain networks must also not be used to store documents, files, or large amount of data because storage requirements become unpractical, as every node maintains a full copy of the entire network. In general, blockchain networks should be used to store cryptographic proofs of off-chain data and well selected public. 

However, in some cases, blockchain-based solutions require the exchange of public documents and information, and would benefit from complementary decentralized storage. This decentralized storage allows end users to share off-chain information that is linked to transactions in the blockchain in either a permissionless or permissioned way. In LACChain Networks we have enabled quick deployment of IPFS nodes. If you are interesting in deploying a LACChain IPFS node, go to Develop – IPFS (using Ansible, using Dockers, or using Kubernetes).


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