Traceability for vaccines and medicines in Costa Rica It provides traceability services for vaccines and medications in Costa Rica. So far, it has participated in a public/private project alongside the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, 40 pharmacies, 8 hospitals, and a drugstore. The provided service allows for real-time tracking of vials containing different types of […]

Financial Access to Water and Sanitation System Operators

Financial inclusion with the use of Self-Sovereign Identity Self-sovereign digital identity solution for Water and Sanitation System Operators OSAS, to facilitate their access to financial services. Vertical: Govtech Technology: DLT, Digital Identity Countries involved: El Salvador Entities involved: Globant Potential impact: Between 50 and 100 entities URL: Check our terms and conditions, privacy policies, […]

Verifiable academic credentials

blockchain + education Acreditta provides a digital credentials platform to certify skills and knowledge in a globally accepted, verifiable, and shareable standard, which is also recorded on the blockchain. Vertical: Education Technology: DLT, Digital Identity, Verifiable Credentials Countries involved: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain. Entities involved: Acreditta Potential […]