A software platform that enables traceability, serialization and customer interaction based on product packaging via QR codes and/or NFC chips. Vertical: AgTech y Healthtech Technology: DLT and Traceability Countries involved: Canada y Colombia Entities involved: Expertic PGS Technologies Inc Potential impact: +1,000,000 consumers of products URL: http://expertic.co/servicios/ A software platform to enable Traceability, Serialization and […]

ACDI proyecto Coopsol

Coopsol in Argentina produces organic honey under Wayra, using blockchain and exploring decentralized solutions. https://vimeo.com/884052920?share=copy Coopsol is an Argentine beekeeping cooperative based in Santiago del Estero that is dedicated to generating local development through the production of organic honey. Operating under the Wayra brand, it is the only honey in Latin America with Fair Trade […]