The first self-sovereign digital identity project through blockchain in Argentina

It is the first self-sovereign digital identity project through blockchain in Argentina. Its objective is to improve access to quality goods and services for populations in vulnerable neighborhoods. It creates innovative solutions to reduce information asymmetry and promotes financial inclusion.

It works with inhabitants of emerging neighborhoods of the Federal Capital and Buenos Aires (Argentina), betting on technological innovation, digital identity, and financial inclusion.

In addition, it carries out training to improve the knowledge and use of different technological tools that are useful for the beneficiaries of the project.

Through a mobile app, DIDI generates a digital identity and a decentralized, verifiable, portable, secure, and private digital passport. It also generates a credit profile certified by different institutions to facilitate access to the alternative financial system for sectors that cannot access the traditional system.

Vertical: Social investment

Technology: Blockchain, Digital Identity

Countries involved: Argentina

Entities involved: Decodes, Accenture, RSK, NEC, LACChain, Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica, Blockchain Federal Argentina, Atix Labs, Wicklow Capital, Semillas Finanzas Inclusivas and Microsoft Azure

Impact potential: Regional, Latin America, and the Caribbean

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