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use cases for NGO´s

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Join us to explore how blockchain technology is transforming the landscape for Non-Governmental Organizations.

Why join us?

  • Discover real use cases of blockchain for NGOs.
  • Meet leading experts in the field. 
  • Explore opportunities to empower your mission with innovative technology.


Webinar: “Blockchain use cases for NGO´s”

  1. Welcome and introduction by Ilan Melendez, LACChain, LACNet (10 minutes)
  2. AGUA: A tool for transparent fund utilization with targeted impact in Organizations, by Marcio Degiovannini from Globant (12.5 minutes)
  3. Complex data distribution problems, blockchain implementation, and tokenization by Rajesh Sinha from esynergy (12.5 minutes) 
  4. Regulated Blockchains and Blockchain Infrastructure,by Jaydeep Korde from Launchnodes (10 minutes)
  5. Closing remarks by Ilan Melendez (5 minutes)

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